Andrea Curto, a true entrepreneur in the beauty world, is known for creating one of the first successful online platforms for studying makeup professionally.

Being a pioneer in the online education industry, she has managed to innovate the makeup industry and combine her passion for training with her passion for makeup, creating new opportunities for those who wish to professionalize their talent. In the last decade, she has trained more than 30,000 people of various levels, from those who didn't know where to start to industry professionals.

Her adventure in Europe

She moved to Spain with a handful of euros and a big goal: to become a recognized makeup artist and have her work published in top fashion magazines. But the money soon ran out, and without paperwork or contacts to lean on, she had to rely on her creativity. She noticed that El Retiro Park, in the heart of Madrid, was full of people on weekends and came up with the idea of painting the faces of children walking with their parents with colorful makeup and glitter.

This is how she gathered her first earnings and began her journey armed with courage. The next step was to create her first artistic makeup workshop in a cultural center, which, to her surprise, was a complete success; and at that moment, she discovered her talents as a trainer.

Investing all her savings in further makeup studies, she specialized in fashion. Thanks to her dedication and focus, in just two years, her works were on the covers of magazines such as Vogue Spain or Yo'Dona, she became part of the makeup team for the Mercedes Fashion Week in Madrid, and was appointed the director of Makeup and Hairstyling at the prestigious Mérida Classical Theater Festival in Spain for several seasons. She complemented all these achievements by continuing to advance in her passion, training, and perfecting the creation of her courses more and more.

The Philosophy behind APPBEAUTY

After many years of her career as a makeup artist and trainer, in 2021 Andrea decided to create APPBEAUTY. All the knowledge and techniques she acquired over the years allow her to clearly understand the characteristics of a perfect product. In order to make it a reality - she traveled to Paris, New York, and South Korea, where she developed the formulas with the help of the best specialists.


APPBEAUTY is defined by its creator as a minimalist and essential brand. With good quality products that are easy to use and combine.

Not in vain, the first collection of eyeshadows launched by the brand in 2023 is named "Essential". A range of essential colors that Andrea created, inspired by her beginnings. To that time when being creative was the only option to stand out and when she learned firsthand to make the most of every situation.


Why did we create APP Beauty?

We had made this collection of palettes to support our professional makeup training students. With the aim of giving them the opportunity to apply versatile makeup that is suitable for 365 days a year and that is easy to use.

Seeing the impact it had on girls' confidence, and the security that our Essential collection caused, we decided to expand production to make our palettes reach anyone, of any age and style.